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Thanksgiving Feast

Date: November 17, 2023

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Provide 1 large (16-20 lbs) fresh (never frozen) raw turkey By Thursday Morning#1: Molly Carter
#2: Sehr Lalani
Provide 20 lbs russett potatoes for the children to peel on Monday 11/13 mornig.#1: Mary O'Black
Provide 60 ears of corn (unshucked) for the children to prepare (deliver Friday morning)#1: Janet Li
Provide 4 bunches of flowers for the children to arrange. (Deliver thursday afternoon)#1: Anne-Marie Bellows
Provide themed paper goods, plates, dessert plates, utensils, and napkins#1: Deanna Elamoudi
Provide 8-10 lbs cooked green beans Friday morning#1: Chantel Butler
Provide large cooked rice casserole#1: Jen Crook
Provide 1 large cooked casserole#1: Chantel Butler
Provide large green salad#1: Chelsea McDermott
Provide large fruit salad#1: Margaret Parker
Provide 2 dessert pies#1: Molly Lair
Provide 8 dozen dinner rolls from French Gourmet Bakery#1: Micah Kurtenbach
Provide coffee box, cups, cream etc.#1: Jessica Lewis
Provide 3 bags of ice#1: Gloria Cristina Penafiel