Nadine Mouton Montessori Director in Houston Texas

Nadine Mouton-McKinney

Nadine was introduced to the Montessori method at the age of nine. Her sister-in-law was one of the very first primary trained students at the Houston Montessori Center.

The principles of the Montessori Method came very naturally to Ms. Mouton. Being one of 16 children, natural and logical consequences were already very much a part of her experience.

Nadine began working at Morning Glory Montessori School in the fall of 1984. She first worked with the Toddler community as an assistant.

After three months working with the Toddlers, the director of Morning Glory asked Ms. Mouton to design an afternoon program for the Primary Class. Nadine designed and implemented a program that included music, cooking, art and gymnastics.

She directed this program until 1986 when she was encouraged to pursue her certification as a Montessori Primary teacher.

Nadine received her training and certification from the Houston Montessori Center in 1987. She continued to work at Morning Glory until 1996.

During her tenure at Morning Glory, Nadine also worked as the director of Religious Education at the Unitarian Fellowship of Houston.

In 1997 Ms. Mouton was made the director of a small Montessori School in the Heights by the name of Three R’s Plus Montessori. Here she learned the ins and outs of directing a Montessori preschool.

Nadine joined the staff of First Steps Montessori as the assistant to the director in the fall of 2000. As First Steps grew in enrollment and reputation, Nadine was made the lead teacher of the third primary class. Here she spent the next eight years joyfully educating the students of First Steps.

In June of 2008 the Bonne Vie adventure began!

Bonne Vie School Staff, a Montessori School in Houston Texas